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Christ With Shopping Bags, 2004

Christ with Shopping Bags, 2004
Edition: 82 signed
Christ with Shopping Bags, also known as CWSB, portrays the crucifixion of Jesus Christ, yet Banksy has removed the structure of the cross from the iconic scene. Jesus Christ is holding shopping bags, carefully wrapped with fluorescent pink ribbons, and seeping with black blood. The viewer can glimpse Christmas presents such as candy cane and Mickey Mouse. The image is undoubtedly meant as a satire on modern commercialism, pointing a finger at the hypocrisy of modern celebration.
The intrusion of consumerism and modern commercialism in the hands of Jesus Christ evokes a sense of unease. Furthermore, Jesus Christ appears in pain, weighed down by the shopping bags, symbolizing the damage consumerism has on the original values of Christianity such as charity, compassion, forgiveness and gratitude. Banksy uses effective motifs such as the melting gifts to suggest the ephemerality of modern Christmas, whilst the crucifixion represents how society has sacrificed happiness for material things, which offer only transitory joy.
The grey background and muted colors evoke a sense of foreboding and gloom at the same time reinforcing Banksy’s comment on the superficiality of modern Christmas in this clever composition. Unusually for Banksy, this striking visual was never shown on the street, and its relatively low edition size places it in high demand.
Walled Off Hotel, Jerusalem

It is not the only time that Banksy uses the image of Jesus Christ to make a point… Another very provocative artwork was shown at the Walled Off Hotel together with drones to illustrate the artist’s anti-war position…


Christ with Shopping Bags

Year: 2004
Medium: Screen-print in colors on wove paper
Size: 70×50 cm (27 1/2 x 19 3/4 inches)
Publisher: Pictures on Walls


Edition: 82 signed


Updated as of 30 June 2022
Christ with Shopping Bags sold a total of 15 times at auction since 2007.
Christ with Shopping Bags last sold at Christie’s online on 15 March 2022 for GBP 151,200 (USD 199,584).

It also sold at auction in 2020, at Christie’s online, on 23 September 2020 for GBP 175,000 (USD 231,000).


Christ with Shopping Bags, 2004
Signed and dated in pencil, lower right
Numbered 37/82 in pencil, lower left
Christie’s online, 15 March 2022
 GBP 151,200 / USD 199,584

Christ with Shopping Bags, 2004
Signed and dated in pencil, lower left
Numbered 73/82 in pencil, lower left
Christie’s online, 23 September 2020
GBP 175,000 / USD 231,000