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Existencilism, Los Angeles, 2002


Los Angeles, July 2002

An Exhibition of Graffiti, Lies, and Deviousness


When: July 19 – August 18, 2002
Where: 33 1/3 Gallery, Los Angeles, USA
Banksy held his first Los Angeles exhibition, Existencilism, at the 33 1/3 Gallery.
The title is typical Banksy humor whereby he intentionally misspells the word “Existentialism” by throwing “stencil” in it – certainly a playful way for the artist to elevate street and stencil art to a school of thought as important as philosophy.
Existencilism is also the title of Banksy’s second self-published book from May, 2002.
Existencilism opened on July 19, 2002. Despite the fact that it was the artist’s debut in the US, the show was very successful and very nearly sold-out.
Some of Banksy’s most iconic works were shown to the public for the first time at this event including Love Is In The Air, Barcode, Queen Victoria, and Laugh Now. A few years later he would return to Los Angeles to create the smash hit Barely Legal.


Love Is In The Air
Barcode Leopard
Bomb Hugger
Laugh Now
Bird and Grenade
Queen Victoria
Every Time I Make Love To You I Think Of Someone Else