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Pictures On Walls


Pictures on Walls


PICTURES ON WALLS (POW) has been the main publisher of Banksy Prints until it closed down in 2017. POW was started in 2003 and made history in spreading the works from street artists and making them available to a wider public through editions, notably through some online reservation system. They delivered a new generation of art directly into people’s homes, “well, the Royal Mail did most of it.”

 “POW was started in 2003 by a loose collection of artists, graffiti writers and illustrators who were shunned by the controlling influencers of the day – so we set about producing and distributing our own art.”

“The invention of the internet and the cardboard tube enabled us to circumvent the centuries-old grip of the established art world and we laid waste to their cronyism and vested interests and good taste.”



Greatest Hits

POW’s initial roster was a veritable who’s who of street art in 2003 with Dface, Faile, 3d, Mode2, Bast, Insect and, of course, Banksy. They were also working with some other more established names including Jamie Hewlett (Tank Girl), Peter Fowler and Gee Vaucher (Crass) and soon after Ben Eine’s work appeared on the site. The art pop up show and shop was a concept they really made their own with Santa’s Ghetto and they were heavily in involved in events such as the Cans Festival.
Many POW prints have become benchmarks within the industry. They pioneered the use of foil block; patterned embossing and they were the first in the industry to use non-solvent-based inks.
POW remained an independent artist-run operation, hosting landmark exhibitions and pioneering the concept of pop-up shops long before they became fashionable.

Banksy Releases

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