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Snorting Copper, 2005


Snorting Copper



Snorting Copper

Year: 2005
Location: Curtain Road, London, England

Snorting Copper portrays a uniformed policeman on his hands and knees. But far from forensically fishing for clues at a crime scene, this particular officer of the law is engaging in an altogether different line of inquiry. The mural, stenciled on an East End toilet block under the cover of darkness in 2005 and showing a policeman apparently sniffing cocaine, garnered instant intrigue and notoriety.



This mural also included several miles of paint “dribble” which trailed through the city and led to the stencil representing a line of coke. This piece by Banksy is strongly taking shots at the cops by lacking immorality and corruption in the police force.
This artwork had been vandalized but has been brought back after a lengthy and tricky restoration, on the very same location, on Curtain Road at the Waterloo Station in London.