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Swing Girl, 2010


Swing Girl


Swing Girl

Year: 2010
Location: Broadway, Los Angeles, USA
Swing Girl appeared in 2010 a few days prior to the LA première of Banksy’s film Exit Through The Gift Shop.
Located in a car park on Broadway, Downtown LA, Swing Girl is a great example of how Banksy incorporates his work into the urban scene within the existing landscape.
The ‘ING’ portion of the “PARKING” sign has been whitewashed out to emphasize the word “PARK”. Banksy then stenciled a young girl on a swing hanging to the letter A.
The artist most probably comments on the lack of places for kids to play safely in what is a fairly rough area of Los Angeles. One can also view this work as a demonstration that there is no need for anything special to have fun and enjoy oneself whatever the environment we live in.