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Banksy Murals per Year


Banksy Murals per Year


“Graffiti is one of the few tools you have if you have almost nothing.
And even if you don’t come up with a picture to cure world poverty,
you can make someone smile while they’re having a piss”


Banksy is a muralist above and beyond any other art forms. He started to paint murals since his very early years as an artist, and never stopped… Banksy’s first and most important canvas is the street and it is with no doubt the most powerful one.
It is hard to know how many murals Banksy has created so far, as most of them disappear within 24 hours… However, the artist has been documenting most of them since the very early years. For example, his self-published books and thereafter Wall and Piece contain hundreds of pictures of Banksy‘s stencils. This question almost becomes irrelevant once one realizes the message stays and impacts the world in so many ways…

“Imagine a city where graffiti wasn’t illegal, a city where everybody could draw wherever they liked. Where every street was awash with a million colors and little phrases. Where standing at a bus stop was never boring. A city that felt like a party where everyone was invited, not just the estate agents and barons of big business. Imagine a city like that and stop leaning against the wall – it’s wet.”


YEAR 2021

Create Escape, March 2021

YEAR 2020

Achoo!!, Bristol, December 2020
Hula-Hoop Girl, Nottingham, October 2020
Valentine Day, Bristol, February 2020

YEAR 2019

Christmas Greeting From Ryan, Birmingham, December 2019
Girl with Relief Torch, Venice, May 2019

YEAR 2018

Seasons Greeting, Port Talbot, December 2018
Bataclan, Paris, June 2018
Migrant’s Soup Kitchen, Paris, June 2018
Liberte, Egalite, Cable TV, Paris, June 2018
Man with Dog, Paris, June 2018


1968 Rat, Paris, June 2018
Rat Holding a Box Cutter, Paris, June 2018

Rat Couple, Paris, June 2018

Zehra Dogan, New-York, March 2018
You Loot, We Shoot, New-York, March 2018
Mean Real Estate Developer, New-York, March 2018
Draw The Raised Bridge, Hull, January 2018

YEAR 2017


Angels, West Bank Barrier, December 2017

Peace On Earth, Bethlehem, December 2017


Basquiat Welcomed By The Metropolitan Police, London, Barbican Center, September 2017


Ferris Wheel, London, Barbican Center, September 2017


Brexit, Dover, May 2017

YEAR 2016

Les Miserables, London, January 2016

Kid Rolling A Burning Tire, Bristol, January 2016

YEAR 2015

The Son of A Migrant From Syria, Calais, December 2015
Raft of Refugees, Calais, December 2015

Bomb Damage, Gaza City, August 2015


Kitten, Gaza City, August 2015

Watchtower, Gaza City, August 2015

If We Wash Our Hands, Gaza City, August 2015

Observing Kids, Dismaland, 2015

YEAR 2014

Girl with A Pierced Eardrum, Bristol, October 2014
Protesting Birds, Clacton on the Sea, October 2014
Spy Booth, Cheltenham, April 2014
Mobile Lovers, Bristol, April 2014
Art Buff, Folkstone, 2014

YEAR 2013

The Street Is In Play, Better Out Than In, New-York, October 2013

This Is My New-York Accent, Better Out Than In, New-York, October 2013
You Complete Me, Better Out Than In, New-York, October 2013
Playground Mob – The Musical, Better Out Than In, New-York, October 2013
Occupy – The Musical, Better Out Than In, New-York, October 2013
Dirty Underwear – The Musical, Better Out Than In, New-York, October 2013
Waiting In Vain, Better Out Than In, New-York, October 2013
Hammer Boy, New-York, October 2013
Ghetto For Life, Better Out Than In, New-York, October 2013
Love Hurts, Better Out Than In, New-York, October 2013
What we Do In Life Echoes For Eternity, New-York, October 2013
Twin Towers, New-York, October 2013
This Site Contains Blocked Messages, Better Out Than In, New-York, October 2013
Tagging Robot, Better Out Than In, New-York, October 2013
Bronx Zoo, Better Out Than In, New-York, October 2013
Original Thought, New-York, 2013

YEAR 2012

Going For Mould, London, July 2012


Hackney Welcomes The Olympics, London, July 2012

Hooded Man Stealing Olympic Ring, London, July 2002

Child Labor, London, May 2012

Bush, London, May 2012

I Hate This Font, London, May 2012


YEAR 2011

Falling Shopper, London, 2011

Love Plane, Liverpool, 2011

If Graffiti Changed Anything It Would Be Illegal, London, April 2011

CCTV Ostrich, London, 2011

Tapped Phone, London, 2011

Sorry The Lifestyle Your Ordered is Currently Out of Stock, London, 2011

Police Sniper and Paper Bag Boy, Bristol, 2011

Crayon Boy, Los Angeles, February 2011

Crayon House Foreclosure, Los Angeles, February 2011

This Looks A Bit Like An Elephant, Los Angeles, February 2011

Dog Pissing, Los Angeles, February 2011

YEAR 2010

Choose Your Weapon, London, October 2010
Boxhead Paints Robot, Torquay, October 2010
I Love You, Isle of Wight, September 2010
Keep Britain Tidy, Isle of Wight, September 2010
No Future, Isle of Wight, September 2010
Child with Tesco Castle, Hastings, August 2010
Peace and Love, Glatonsbury, June 2010
Sad Man with Smileys, New-York, May 2010
Statue of Liberty, New-York, May 2010
Zero Interest In People, Toronto, May 2010
Tag Viewers, Toronto, May 2010

Security Guard with Koons Dog, Toronto, May 2010
Swing Girl, Los Angeles, April 2010
Follow Your Dreams – Cancelled, San Francisco, April 2010

This’ll Look Nice When It’s Framed, San Francisco, April 2010

Peaceful Hearts Doctor, San Francisco, April 2010


No Trespassing, San Francisco, April 2010



Cameraman and Flower, Park City, January 2010

Rat with 3D Glasses, Park City, January 2010

YEAR 2009

I Do Not Believe in Global Warming, London, December 2019
Boy Fishing, London, September 2009
No Ball Games, London, September 2009

Ikea Punk, Croydon, September 2009

Steam Roller Traffic Warden, London, September 2009
Wall Paper Hanging, London, 2009

Washing Zebra Stripes, Mali, July 2009

Hunters, Mali, July 2009

Boy In A Basin, Mali, July 2009

Girl with Bird, Mali, July 2009

Last Graffiti Before Motorway, London, February 2009

Kids with Ghetto Blaster, London, February 2009

YEAR 2008


New-York City

Let Them Eat Crack, New-York, December 2008
I Love New-York, New-York, 2008
Rat with Eraser Painter, New-York, 2008
There’s No Such Thing as Good Publicity, New-York, 2008


Nola, New Orleans, August 2008

Abraham Lincoln, New Orleans, August 2008
The Simpsons, New Orleans, August 2008
Jazz Players, New Orleans, August 2008
Child with Kite Fridge, New Orleans, August 2008
Boy on Life Preserver Swing, New Orleans, August 2008
Girl with Rat, New Orleans, August 2008
No Loitering, New Orleans, August 2008

Cave Paint Remover, The Cans Festival, London, May 2008

Cave Paint Remover, The Cans Festival, London, May 2008

Wallpaper Paint, The Cans Festival, London, May 2008
Tagger Leopard, The Cans Festival, London, May 2008

Caveman, Los Angeles, 2008

United Kingdom

Very Little Helps, London, 2008

Bubble Slide Girl, Hackney, 2008

YEAR 2007


Armored Dove, Palestine, December 2007
Girl Frisking Soldier, Palestine, December 2007
Donkey with Soldier, Palestine, December 2007

Rat with Slingshot, Palestine, December 2007

United Kingdom

One Nation Under CCTV, London, 2007

Yellow Line Flower Painter, London, 2007
Angel with Bullet Proof Vest, London, 2007
Vandalism Is Art (Blue Period), London, 2007

Mona Lisa with Rocket Launcher, London, 2007

Cash Machine Girl, London, 2007
Stop and Search, Glastonbury, 2007

 YEAR 2006

Naked Man Hanging From Window, Frogmore Street, Bristol, 2006
Sweep It Under The Carpet, London, 2006

Graffiti Removal Hotline, London, 2006

Gangsta Rat with Ghetto Blaster, London, 2006

No More Heroes, Los Angeles, 2006

I’m Out Of Bed and Dressed, What More Do You Want, Los Angeles, 2006

YEAR 2005

Snorting Copper, London, 2005

YEAR 2004

Girl with Diver’s Outfit, London, 2004

Cutting Rat and Gangsta Rat, London, 2004

Because I’m Worthless, London, 2004

It’s Not A Race, London, 2004

Tourist Information, London, 2004

Grin Reaper, London, 2004

What Are you Looking At?, London, 2004

TV Thrown Out The Window, London, 2004

Girl Hugging TV, London, 2004

Arse, London, 2004

Girl with Ice Cream Bomb, Brighton, 2004

This Is Not A Photo Opportunity, Somerset, 2004

Kissing Coppers, Brighton, 2004

YEAR 2003

Happy Chopper, London, 2003
Stop This Madman, London, 2003
Scissors on Marked Lines, Paris, 2003
Love Is In the Air, Ash Salon Street, Bethlehem, West Bank, 2003
Rat with Umbrella, Tokyo, 2003
Queen Vic, London, 2003

YEAR 2002

Girl with Balloon, Waterloo Bridge, South Bank, London, 2002
Royal Guard, London, 2002
Pulp Fiction, London, 2002

YEAR 2001

Policeman with Dog, Rivington Street, London, 2001
Rat Chopper, London, 2001
Monkey Detonator, London, 2001
Radar Rat, London, 2001
Gorilla with a Pink Mask, Bristol, 2001

YEAR 1999

The Mild Mild West, Bristol, 1999
Leopard Chasing Policemen, Bristol, 1999
Monkey Detonator, Bristol, 1999

CCTV Cameras, Bristol, 1999

Precision Bombing, Bristol, 1999

YEAR 1998

Armed Clown, Bristol, 1998
Lenin on Roller Skates, Bristol, 1998
Bomb Hugger, Bristol, 1998