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Sources of Information


Sources of Information




For Legal Disclaimers
Please refer to the blogs entitled: Terms and Conditions, Disclaimer, and Privacy Policy.
Some of the information shared on Banksy Explained may not be 100% accurate, but we took time to do thorough research in order to be as accurate as one can be if only using online resources. Banksy Explained is a Work In Progress, we feel and know a lot is missing.
We tried to give most of the sources and credits to what we saw and found interesting, but if you feel some are missing or are inaccurate, please contact us, and we will gladly amend accordingly. Banksy is meant to be a collaborative platform.


Banksy Instagram

Banksy publishes most of his artistic outputs and projects on his Instagram account and on his website. This is where Banksy fans can see if the mural that was discovered yesterday is indeed a mural created by Banksy or not…
Banksy is only on Instagram, and not on Facebook, nor Twitter nor any other social media.


Banksy Website

Banksy also posts new murals and artworks, including various projects, or his own reaction to what is going on in the world on his own website

Banksy Blog

A website appeared recently online and seems to be a new official outlet giving some historical information about various projects. It is visibly an ongoing project as it also lists some of the future information it will publish.

Banksy Youtube






Banksy Unofficial

Banksy Unofficial is an incredible source to understand Banksy‘s oeuvre within its context founded by a passionate Banksy collector who has apparently “developed some kind of obsession.”
“I can only speak for myself, but I think it has to do with the rich and multilayered narrative he has created, which is expressed in almost all available techniques and formats”
“His art is perceived as both provocative and understandable by a broad public. We don’t have to be intellectuals or art snobs to enjoy his art”

Art of The State


Art of The State is another admirable blog, not dedicated to Banksy but to street art in general with a remarkable content since the early 2000’s.
“Hi, I’m Art Of The State aka Steve Cotton, a London based photographer and this is my photo blog and personal archive. It’s been around since about 2001 and right now its having a bit of a revamp with the main categories added back in now and starting to fill up with content once more.”

Urban Art Association

Banksy Value



Banksy Value is one of the reference points to understand the evolution of the market for Banksy prints.
Banksy Value‘s mission is to provide transparency and support on Banksy Prints pricing.
  • Banksy Print Index (BPI), based on >2000 auction transactions
  • Print Value Estimates, providing best possible assessment of Banksy Print prices
  • Value Insights, bringing to your attention relevant trends in Banksy Print value



MyArtBroker has been doing a terrific job in referencing a huge amount of Banksy works, prints and original works. Many descriptive texts used within Banksy Explained have been provided by MyArtBroker.




Other Notable News Outlets


Banksy is widely commented and followed by media from the entire world. But some have been following Banksy for a long time, and have been doing an incredible work to document some of his murals notably. They are all worth the read for Banksy, and also for other artists


Auction Houses and Art Galleries have been documenting the work of Banksy for many years. There is a precious amount of information there as well.
This is not an incitation to buy, nor to sell, nor a ranking of where to do so, just a basic list of where we have found some useful information about the work of Banksy.

Auction Houses

Art Galleries and Dealers