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About Banksy Explained


What is Banksy Explained?

Welcome to Banksy Explained Version 2


Banksy Explained is coming from the passion and enthusiasm of a group of art collectors and art enthusiasts for the work of an artist named Banksy, who have been following his work for over 15 years, and who share the view that Banksy is, with no doubt, one of the most gifted artists from his generation.
This website is purely informational, there is nothing for sale there… Our only and maybe over-ambitious objective is to gather relevant and cohesive information about Banksy‘s gigantic oeuvre under one place, a place accessible online by all, and a place where one can find all the resources and information necessary to better understand how an artist can impact the world in a meaningful manner…

The Joy Of Not Being Sold Anything



Banksy Explained Version 2 is the second step of what we hope would become a great resource and tool for scholars, students, art lovers, and art collectors. It is still work in progress, obviously Banksy has produced many more originals, and we must have missed a few murals here and there… It will be updated regularly and we hope we might get some help on the way…

Banksy Explained has been created only
using publicly available information published online.

There might be some errors, or approximations, or even misreading, but we would gladly correct any if we are made aware. Banksy Explained is not about their authors but about our readers.
Any constructive criticism or idea will be considered.





Those who love art and are curious about why it is so important

Those who want to learn about art history
Those who like to laugh and have a good time
Those who want to better understand what is going on in our world
Those who want to discover new horizons
Those who have no clue of who Banksy is but would like to know more
Those who think they know everything about Banksy
and will realize there are a few things they do not
And mostly to this said elite of the art world, to those who place this amazing urinal by Marcel Duchamp in the category of master-pieces, to those who think that Banksy is not part of this world… To those we say WAKE UP… It is absolutely clear that Banksy has impacted the world in so many more ways…





Banksy has been misjudged by the art world, but accurately recognized by its wide public all over the world. Graffiti has never been considered as an “important” art movement by the elite of the art world, curators, and galleries alike.
This is one of the underlying consistent message Banksy is sharing through his works. The Urban Art Genre is a contemporary art movement that should be considered within the canon of art history.
Banksy has demonstrated over the years a remarkable consistency in his ability to constantly innovate and renew himself through his artistry and as a reaction to what is going on in our societies. He has decided not to be a silent observer but an active player in trying to make our world a better world. Is it any accident that he is now one of the most sought-after living visual artist? Is it an accident that he commands now higher prices than most artists, living or dead, and that his quotation has multiplied by three over the course of the past year or so?
Much has been written about Banksy, and yet very few actually managed to quite give a clear perspective into the depth and strength of the artist who actually produced a very cohesive oeuvre on various supports: most importantly murals all over the world, but also originals destined to be sold, on canvas, wood, board or other media, and of course prints on paper which are an integral part of Banksy‘s oeuvre. But beyond that, Banksy‘s oeuvre is also comprised of numerous pranks, shows, concepts that Banksy created all along his career.
More importantly, we think Banksy should be explained outside of any commercial activity, or any mercantile objective, you will not find any buy or sell opportunities here, sorry!






Banksy Explained is INDEPENDENT and purely EDUCATIONAL.

Banksy Explained is an independent informational and educational website dedicated to the oeuvre of British artist Banksy. It presents an independent, unmotivated and unbiased viewpoint on Banksy’s oeuvre, well a bit biased… 


Banksy Explained is UNOFFICIAL and UNAUTHORIZED by Banksy.

As it is the case for most initiatives about the artist, Banksy Explained is not authorized in any way by Banksy. We have not used any other information that is not already publicly available. We just tried to present it in a structured and cohesive manner.
The objective is to provide a reference for scholars, students, art collectors and the wide public on the diversity of Banksy‘s artistic output: murals, prints, originals, and all the key events and initiatives that he created all along his artistic career….


1. Banksy Catalogue

Banksy Explained presents a first version of catalogue referencing the art of Banksy along various categories, including Prints, Editions, GDP, Originals and Murals.


2. Comprehensive Auction Results

Banksy Explained offers an extensive market value analysis for both Banksy Prints and Banksy Originals, including all auction results, spanning all auction houses and categories.


3. Curated Content and Editorials

Banksy Explained also offers a thematic reading of Banksy‘s oeuvre along the various topics that the artist has developed notably through editorials such as: Graffiti, Capitalism and Consumerism, Unofficial War Artist, Rat Business and Pest Modernism, ….
Banksy Explained will be regularly updated with the most recent news about Banksy, but also with all the auction results, and any relevant information to the artist.
Banksy Explained will continue to reference originals and murals as so many are missing.
Banksy Explained will invite contributors, scholars, art collectors, journalists, art professionals to give their point of view