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Bomb Love, 2003


Bomb Love, 2003
Editions: 150 signed, 600 unsigned

“It takes a lot of guts to stand up anonymously in a western democracy and call for things no one else believes in like peace and justice and freedom.”

Bomb Love
is pure Banksy: provocative, bitingly satirical, and yet tender… Always a strong opponent of mass media and casual consumerism, the senses that today’s youth are being sold aggression instead of innocence, war instead of play literally explodes from this print in a flash of bubble-gum bring pink.
Bomb Hugger, Bristol, 1998

Bomb Love, also known as Bomb Hugger, portrays a young girl hugging a bomb as if it were a cuddly toy. This striking stencil contrasts the innocence and purity of the smiling girl with the violence and destruction bombs create. This image also provokes anxiety as this deadly weapon she is holding might explode at any minute. This work illustrates modern society’s affection for warfare, encouraging large corporations to manufacture and sell bombs by the millions as if they were toys. Bomb Love is also a clear salute to the power of love, that can prevail over war and violence – perhaps this little girl could disarm a bomb through her loving embrace.

This young girl shows no fear; in fact, her face and smile clearly demonstrate she is very comfortable hugging the bomb. Bomb Love highlights our society’s indifference and numbness to warfare, as countless bombs and weapons are manufactured every day and either stored or sold to oppressive regimes – often under the pretense that weapons are necessary to maintain peace in the world. It also highlights the trivialization of warfare, presented as a harmless game without any consequence, just like playing with a toy.

Banksy realized a few originals based on this iconic stencil. It was first shown at Existencilism, Banksy’s first exhibit in Los Angeles in 2002.

Bomb Love, 2002
Stencil spray-paint and acrylic on canvas

25.4 x 20.3 cm (10×8 inches)
Bonhams London, 21 October 2021
GBP 562,750 / USD 773,874

Bomb Hugger, 2002
Stencil spray-paint on canvas
43×43 cm (16 15/16 x 16 15/16 inches)
Bomb Hugger, 2002
Acrylic and spray enamel on canvas
30.5×30.5 cm (12×12 inches)


Bomb Love, Bomb Hugger

Year: 2003
Medium: Screen-print in colors on wove paper
Size: 70×50 cm (27 1/2 x 19 3/4 inches)
Publisher: Pictures on Walls


Signed Edition: 150
Unsigned Edition: 600
Artist’s Proofs: 44 signed AP

Signature and Numbering

Numbered in pencil, lower right
Some with the publisher’s blindstamp, some without
Signature in pencil, lower right


Updated as of 1 August 2023

1. Bomb Love (unsigned)

2023 YTD Auction Results

Auction Results (2022 & Prior Years)


Auction Highlights

Tate Ward Auctions: 7 June 2023
Estimated: GBP 18,000 – 22,000
GBP 18,750 / USD 23,341

Bomb Love (unsigned)
, 2003
Numbered 141/600 in pencil lower right


Bonhams New-York: 9 May 2023
Estimated: USD 20,000 – 30,000
USD 20,400

Bomb Love (unsigned), 2003
Numbered 549/600 DN in pencil, lower right


Christie’s Online: 14 March 2023
Estimated: GBP 15,000 – 25,000
GBP 18,900 / USD 23,247

Bomb Love (unsigned), 2003-2004
Numbered 452/600 in pencil, lower right


Sotheby’s online: 26 April 2022

GBP 35,280 / USD 44,453

Bomb Love (unsigned), 2003
Numbered 346/600 in pencil, lower right
Christie’s online: 15 March 2022

GBP 35,280 / USD 46,570

Bomb Love (unsigned), 2003
Numbered 392/600 in pencil, lower right
Sotheby’s online: 17 September 2021
GBP 60,480 / USD 84,067
Bomb Love (unsigned), 2003
Numbered 195/600 in pencil, lower right

2. Bomb Love (signed)



Bomb Hugger (Bomb Love), 2003-2004
Signed and dated 03 in black ink, lower right
Numbered 47/150 in pencil, lower right
Christie’s online: 14 March 2023
Estimated: GBP 50,000 – 70,000
GBP 63,000 / USD 77,490

Bomb Love (signed), 2003
Signed in black pen, lower right
Numbered 31/150 in pencil with the publisher’s blindstamp, lower right
Christie’s online: 23 September 2021

GBP 93,750 / USD 130,313

Bomb Love (signed), 2003
Signed in pencil, lower right
Numbered 122/150 in pencil with the publisher’s blind stamp, lower right
Phillips Hong-Kong: 30 March 2021
GBP 99,603 / USD 137,452