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Naked Man Hanging From Window, 2006


Naked Man Hanging From Window


Naked Man Hanging From Window

Year: 2006
Location: Frogmore street, Bristol, England
Naked Man Hanging From Window, also called Naked Man, or Well Hung Lover is located on a wall in Frogmore Street, Bristol, England.
This famous Banksy mural shows a man hanging from a window after his clandestine affair looks set to be discovered by his mistress’s husband. With typical Banksy irony, it was daubed on the side of a sexual health clinic in Frogmore Street, although according to the clinic’s director in the book “Home Sweet Home“, when Banksy was told this by email, he responded to say that hadn’t realized it was a sexual health clinic and thought it was funny.
In the last few years, the graffiti was unfortunately vandalized with blue paint, but it remains there to this day, albeit in the vandalized state.
Painted in 2006, it is the first legal piece of street art in the UK following a survey by Bristol City Council, resulting in retrospective permission and protection being granted for the mural, despite featuring nudity.
In 2009, the mural was defaced by a paintball gun, resulting in a partial restoration by the City Council. However, some paint splatters remain on the artwork. It was defaced a second time in 2018, with black spray paint.