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Waiting in Vain, October 2013


Waiting in Vain



Waiting in Vain

Date: October 2013
Location: Hell’s Kitchen, New-York, USA
This mural is part of Banksy’s one-month residency in the streets of New-York called Better Out Than In.

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Located on Larry Flynt’s NY Hustler Club & Cigar Lounge at 641 West 51st St, Banksy dropped this brilliant image of a man waiting with his red fading flowers. This piece is stenciled on a New York City strip club, which suggests Banksy is trying to highlight the ugly truth about society’s sex obsession. Banksy posted the phrase, “waiting in vain” along with a picture of the stencil on his website, suggesting this gentleman might be in the wrong place if he wants to find genuine love.
While at first glance today’s new Banksy piece could look like any man off the street patiently waiting for his date (love the dropping flower petals), step back a bit, and see how the story changes when you factor in the clever context. After a day off due to “police activity,” Banksy is back putting up this interesting piece on the side of the Hustler Club in Hell’s Kitchen. His caption reads, “Waiting in vain…at the door of the club.”