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Weston Super Mare, 2003



‘A cheerful tribute to the great British seaside towns.
Ideal for anybody who has ever walked the streets shouting
“YOU’RE ALL GOING TO DIE” at groups of pensioners.’


Weston Super Mare, 2003
Edition: 750 (150 signed)
Weston Super Mare depicts an elderly and lonely man, quietly seated on a bench, typical of those found along British seaside promenades. The man is quietly seated, hands folded in his lap, and his cane resting on the bench beside him.

Weston Super Mare

Banksy, Banging Your Head Against A Brick Wall
Of course, this apparent serenity depicted on the left side of this horizontal print, is twisted by Banksy. In fact, the viewer can see some oncoming danger from the right side in the form of an oversized and black bandsaw moving towards the man on the bench, without him noticing.
Weston Super Mare (Lime AP), 2003
Edition: 18 signed AP
This frightening image obviously comments on the ultimate finality of life. Confident in our environment, and maybe blind to any upcoming danger, we might be naively assuming we are in control of our destiny. This suggests that even the most comfortable amongst us are still accompanied by the shadow of death at every turn. In a more positive spirit, Banksy also offers us a healthy reminder to make the most of every moment, to stop and take in the view once in a while, because you simply never know what is just around the corner.
Weston Super Mare, in Somerset, is where Banksy created Dismaland, a “family theme park unsuitable for children”. The artist presented new works and funded the construction of the exhibition himself. The show featured 58 artists known for making art with strong social and political commentary, including Damien Hirst.

4,000 tickets were available for purchase per day, priced at £3 each. From August to September 2015, Dismaland, obviously a parody of Disneyland, brought in over 150,000 visitors from around the world and £20 million in revenue to the seaside town.
Weston Super Mare, 1999
Acrylic on canvas
76.5 x 76.5 cm (30 1/8 x 30 1/8 inches)


Weston Super Mare

Year: 2003
Medium: Screen-print in black on wove paper
Size: 35×100 cm (13 5/8 x 39 inches)
Publisher: Pictures on Walls


Total Edition: 750
150 signed, 600 unsigned
Artist’s Proofs: 18 signed Lime Green AP


Updated as of 15 March 2023

1. Weston Super Mare (unsigned)

Weston Super Mare (unsigned), 2003
Numbered 235/750 in pencil, lower right
Christie’s online: 14 March 2023
Estimated: GBP 10,000 – 15,000
GBP 12,600 / USD 15,498

Weston Super Mare (unsigned), 2003
Numbered 610/750 in pencil, lower right
Sotheby’s online: 17 August 2022
Estimated: GBP 10,000 – 15,000
GBP 16,380 / USD 19,656

Weston Super Mare (unsigned), 2003
Numbered 373/750 in pencil lower right
Sotheby’s online: 18 March 2021
GBP 32,760 / USD 45,536

2. Weston Super Mare (signed)

Weston Super Mare (signed), 2003
Signed and dated in black pen, lower right
Numbered 69/750 in pencil lower right
Sotheby’s online: 17 September 2021
GBP 44,100 / USD 61,299

 Weston Super Mare (Signed), 2003
Signed and dated in black ink, lower right
Numbered 703/750 in pencil, lower right
Bonhams London, 15 December 2020
GBP 56,500 / USD 77,117