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London, New-York, Bristol (Heavy Weaponry), 2000



London, New-York, Bristol (Heavy Weaponry), 2000
Edition: 10
Each is a unique variation
Spray-paint and emulsion on canvas
55×55 cm (21 5/8 x 21 5/8 inches)
Numbered /10 in black marker on the reverse

Heavy Weaponry
depicts a singular elephant made in Banksy’s recognizable stencil style with a rocket strapped to its back. The image of the elephant bearing a rocket on its back carries various interpretations; presumably the general message is anti-military, in line with Banksy’s other works using similar imagery.

This version of Heavy Weaponry is filled with a variety of symbols and motifs that have recurred throughout the Bristol-born artist’s practice: an oversize barcode, his signature elephant backpacking a missile, and the names of the cities where the artist painted the most murals. The painting feels charged with a veiled anti-war sentiment, mocking the commoditization of military engagement.
Obviously, Banksy‘s own heavy weaponry remains his stencil and the art of the image, and London, New York, Bristol (Heavy Weaponry) reads as much a declaration of intent for artistic intervention in these locations as a critique of militant malpractice.

“As soon as I cut my first stencil I could feel the power there. I like the political edge. All graffiti is low-level dissent, but stencils have an extra history. They’ve been used to start revolutions and to stop wars.”


Auction Results

London, New-York, Bristol sold only 5 times at public auction since 2007.
It last sold at Bonhams London, on 9 December 2020 for GBP 312,750.
The previous sale was at Artnet Auctions in November 2017, when it sold for USD 168,000.
London, New-York, Bristol (Heavy Weaponry)
Tagged Banksy (centre)
Dated and Numbered 10/10 2000 (on the overlap)
Bonhams London, 9 December 2020
GBP 312,750 / USD 427,600