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Man with Dog, June 2018


Man with Dog

Man with Dog

Year: June 2018
Location: Sorbonne University, Paris, France
Around 20 June 2018 (World Refugee Day), Banksy took aim at France for what has been seen as its poor management of the refugee crisis. At that occasion, Banksy left France with a few poignant murals.
Found in the premises of the Sorbonne University, Man with Dog is kind of self-explanatory. It portrays a man, probably the dog’s master, offering a “treat” to a dog, while concealing a weapon that could be used to kill it. Banksy intends to illustrate what most governments tend to do in the context of their migration policies.
Upon closer examination, the viewer might notice the dog is missing a bone himself, it seems it is being offered his own bone as a treat…