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Art In The Streets, MOCA, Los Angeles, April 2011


Art In The Streets
MOCA, Los Angeles, April 2011


The first major U.S. museum survey of Graffiti and Street Art



 Art in the Streets was the first major U.S. museum survey of graffiti and street art.

Curated by MOCA Director Jeffrey Deitch, as well as Associate Curators Roger Gastman and Aaron Rose, the exhibition traced the development of graffiti and street art from the 1970s to the global movement it has become today, concentrating on key cities such as New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, London, and Sao Paulo – where a unique visual language or attitude has evolved.
The exhibition featured paintings, mixed media sculptures, and interactive installations by 50 of the most dynamic artists and emphasized Los Angeles‘s role in the evolution of graffiti and street art, with special sections dedicated to seminal local movements such as “cholo graffiti” and Dogtown skateboard culture. A comprehensive timeline illustrated with artwork, photos, video, and ephemera provided additional historical context for the work.

Despite the inevitable debate about who was and was not included in the exhibit’s curation of the most influential artists in this movement, the event was still considered a watershed event for this genre of art.
The breadth and majesty of the installations included had to have been seen in person to be fully appreciated. From the visual delight of Os Gemeos walls, to the monster ROA unfolding panel install, to the Neck Face alley with the artist dressed incognito as a bum, to a new rendition of the famous Mcgee/ESPO/REAS “Street Market,” to the Swoon illuminated tent, and the “worst kept secret” Banksy room, the historic gathering of these street luminaries was certainly one for the record books.





Banksy at Art In The Streets

Banksy brought numerous iconic works spanning his entire career – from stencils of classics to versions of many of the outdoor works such as Crayon Child and Chalk-lined Living Room.
He also installed a handful of of his animatronics and some sketches to round out his contributions.



Originals Exhibited