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Banksy vs. Bristol Museum, Bristol, 2009


Banksy vs. Bristol Museum
Bristol, 2009



First Banksy’s Museum Exhibit in his home-town of Bristol



“Bristol Museum and Art Gallery is proud to present a unique collaboration
between the city’s foremost cultural institution
and one of the regions most overrated artists.
Banksy has gained notoriety in recent years by using stencils
to paint images on a diverse array of outdoor locations.
This is his first exhibition in a three story Edwardian museum”.


When: June 30 – August 31, 2009
Where: Bristol Museum & Art Gallery, Bristol, England
Credit Photo: Bristol Culture
In the summer of 2009, Bristol Museum & Art Gallery was taken over by an extraordinary exhibition of works by the infamous local artist, Banksy. Overnight, the museum was transformed into a menagerie of Unnatural History – fishfingers swimming in a gold-fish bowl, hot-dogs and chicken nuggets. Paintings from Banksy were placed in amongst the historic collections of Old Masters, sculptures and other pieces dotted around throughout the museum displays.

Banksy vs. Bristol Museum – Official Trailer

 The main entrance was transformed into a sculpture hall, accompanied by a burnt-out ice-cream van that pumped out an eerie sound-track of warped tunes, whilst a giant ice-cream cone melted on its roof.



Before long, people queued around the block to get into the exhibition, some even waited as long as seven hours just to experience this unique phenomenon. Over 100 works by the artist – most of which had never been previously shown – were on full display for the public. Banksy left one sculpture behind, the Angel Bust, or the paint-pot angel which remains on display at the museum to this day.
The exhibit was on display for several weeks in the summer of 2009. As Banksy put is himself,

‘This is the first show I’ve ever done where taxpayers’ money is being used
to hang my pictures up rather than scrape them off.’



Exhibit Views















Banksy Studio

An artist’s studio is always a hidden treasure and a great way to gain a better understanding of the artist, how they think, as well as how they work. Art history is filled with pictures of the studios of many great artists.
For the first time, Banksy gave the public an idea of what the inside of his studio looks and feels like through a very detailed and impressive installation. Considering how guarded Banksy’s identity is, it really was a special treat to see the source of inspiration, and even some of the stencils used to create some of street art’s most iconic pieces. From Queen Vic to Girl with Balloon, Kissing Coppers, Barcode – it was quite a sight to behold. These simple, yet timeless stencils are the bedrock tools that have allowed Banksy to climb in and out of public wall spaces with stealth and quickness, while still leaving a lasting impression that the world is still talking about all these years later.


Originals Exhibited

Rembrandt with Googly Eyes
Venus (After Surgery)
The Flight To Egypt (Low Cost)
System Error
You Have Got To Be Kidding Me
Woman with Rifle
Home Sweet Home
Big Gold Frame
Anarchist Punk and Mum
I Hate Mondays
Luxury Loft
I don’t think We’re on Canvas Anymore
Lady With a Comic Nose

How Do You Like Your Eggs?
Landscape Near Hardcliffe

Sculptures and Installations

The Lion Tamer
Happy Shopper
Blessed Are The Children
Injured Buddha
Paint Pot Angel