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Dumbo, 2014



Dumbo is a very rare print that originally came from a film Banksy created as part of his New-York residency Better Out Than In.
Rebel Rocket Attack, a short video released on Banksy‘s website, depicts Islamic militants using rocket launchers to bring down Dumbo, the iconic Disney elephant. After Dumbo has been shot out of the sky, a small child kicks one of the older extremists at the end of the video. The following statement from Banksy was released along with the video: ‘I’m not posting any pictures today. Not after this shocking footage has emerged.’

Dumbo, the iconic elephant created by Disney, is an example of the American cultural export – perhaps serving as a metaphor for American planes sent to the Middle East in order to fight the Islamic extremists. Banksy also demonstrates how easy it is to create propaganda videos that people might interpret as “real” or “true”.
Commenters of the clip believed it “reflects the way we’ve been granted an insight into the Syrian conflict through videos uploaded onto the internet.” This print, mostly black and white, save for Dumbo’s corn-yellow watercolor hat, depicts a disoriented and woozy Dumbo lying on the ground as the extremists celebrate on top of and around him.



Year: 2014
Medium: Hand-painted watercolor on screen-print
Size: 56×76 cm (22×30 inches)
Publisher: Pictures on Walls


Total Edition: 25 signed
10 signed, 15 unsigned
VIP Print never released to the public. Original sales price for VIPs of £35’000 in 2014.