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Falling Shopper, 2011


Falling Shopper
aka Shop Till Your Drop


Falling Shopper

Year: 2011
Location: Bruton Lane, London, England
Falling Shopper is located in London’s Mayfair district and is one of the best preserved pieces in London, probably in part because it is so high off the ground.
As ever with Banksy the location is a key part of the work. The building is tall enough for you to imagine someone is actually falling – an effect only enhanced by the subtle shadowing which visually separates the figure from the wall behind.
A shopping trolley is depicted falling through the air with a woman not far behind arms outstretched trying to gain a grip on the handles even as they plummet to the ground. Falling might be the least of her issues, she does not want to lose her trolley…
Also known as Shop Till You Drop, this mural was painted in November 2011 in broad daylight. A scaffolding and a tarpaulin were used to make sure nobody caught the artist red-handed.
Yet another strong statement to point out the dangers of consumerism, which is a topic Banksy revisits often within his oeuvre, notably in Trolleys.