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Ice Cream Van, 2009


Ice Cream Van

Banksy realized gift prints that were given to people who contributed to the success of some of the exhibitions he created and hosted. Those prints were produced in small editions, unnumbered, all signed and uniquely dedicated.
Those prints were not meant to be sold, and are not authenticated by Pest Control Office.
Ice Cream Van was gifted to all those who helped with Banksy’s seminal exhibit in his home-town of Bristol, Banksy vs. Bristol Museum, in 2009.
Banksy vs. Bristol Museum, Bristol, 2009


Title: Ice Cream Van
Year: 2009
Medium: Giclee print on paper
Size: 22×30 cm (8 5/8 x 11 5/8 inches)
Publisher: Pictures on Walls


Total Edition: 50 signed
Gift Print for Banksy vs. Bristol Museum
Signed in pencil, lower right
Dedicated in pencil, lower left