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“iiAchoo!!”, December 2020







Date: 10 December 2020
Location: Vale Street, Bristol, UK
iiAchoo!! appeared on 10 December 2020 on a semi-detached house in steep Vale Street, in Bristol. This incredible mural depicts an older woman sneezing out her false teeth. This woman wears a headscarf and holds a handkerchief. She is dropping her walking stick and handbag as she loses her dentures while sneezing.

As it is usually the case for Banksy, the location is carefully chosen to produce a spectacular visual effect. Indeed, Vale Street is England’s steepest residential street. Its 22-degree slope is used during annual Easter Sunday egg-rolling competitions. ITV News West Country spoke to the owners of the house, which had a sold sign up outside, and were told they have pulled out of the sale. They were due to exchange contracts next week but the artwork could see the value of their house rocket.

It seems iiAachoo!! had been covered up before its unveiling on Thursday morning.
Banksy confirmed on his website and Instagram account on Thursday afternoon that the work was his. In a photograph posted by him, the woman appears to be blowing over a wheelie bin and a man’s umbrella with her sneezing.