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Kid Rolling A Burning Tire, January 2016


Kid Rolling A Burning Tire



Kid Rolling a Burning Tire

Date: January 2016
Location: Bridge Farm Primary School, Bristol, England
A new mural by Banksy was discovered at Bridge Farm Primary School in Bristol. The work was done as a thank you gift to the children that named one of the houses after him.
A few weeks ago, the school ran a competition to change house names, and ended up deciding to name them after Bristol legends. After the children choose Brunel, Blackbeard, Cabot and Banksy.
The school officials wrote to Banksy’s team to let him know about it. Upon their return from half-term, the children, staff and parents were welcomed by a large mural put up by the infamous artist.
The doodle-style image shows a kid rolling a burning tire, commenting on the environment the kids are growing up in these days.
The work was accompanied by the hand-written letter by the artist.
“Dear Bridge Farm School, thanks for your letter and naming a house after me.
Please have a picture, and if you don’t like it, feel free to add stuff.
I’m sure the teachers won’t mind.
Remember, it’s always easier to get forgiveness than permission.
Much love, Banksy.”