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London’s Underground Undergoes Deep Clean, July 2020


London’s Underground Undergoes Deep Clean
London, July 2020


As the UK government has announced that face coverings will be compulsory in shops across England from the 24th of July, Banksy unveiled his new work through a video. However, much to the disappointment of his fans, Transport for London has decided to remove the artwork.


On 14 July 2020, Banksy hit the London Tube to paint new COVID-19 theme artworks. In support of facial coverings, Banksy shared a video on his Instagram shortly after he executed this new stunt.

Titled London Underground Undergoes Deep Clean, the footage shows a person dressed up as cleaning staff spray-painting Banksy’s signature rats. The artwork covers the inside walls of a Circle Line Tube Train certainly got the world buzzing.

Banksy sprayed quite a few rats up to their usual antics: parachuting in (using surgical masks as their parachutes), writing messages on the walls, and even sneezing with a long spray from his spray cans to depict what happens when one sneezes without covering their mouth.
One of the rats even appears to be offering hand sanitizer while hanging from one of the handrails to encourage people to wear face coverings and keep their hands clean in response to the coronavirus pandemic.
This was certainly a bold move as Banksy executed this work during normal operating hours while others were even in the same subway car. His identity remained a mystery thanks to him wearing a full body protective suit, mask, goggles, and hat.
Banksy calmly exits the subway and walks up the stairs – nobody aware that the infamous Banksy has just created a piece in the middle of the day on the London subway system without anyone stopping or recognizing him.
Banksy also left two notes: “I get lockdown” and “But I get up again”.
Those were sprayed on the doors of the carriage, referring to Chumbawamba’s hit Tubthumping from 1997.
Transport For London confirmed shortly thereafter that the work had been removed due to strict anti-graffiti policy, but that it would welcome Banksy to recreate his message “in a suitable location.”