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Paris Hilton Debut CD, 2006


Paris Hilton Debut CD

A collaboration between Banksy & producer Danger Mouse

In August/September 2006, Banksy placed around 500 fake copies of Paris Hilton’s debut CD, “Paris” in 48 different UK record stores. The artist replaced the leaflet inside with his own cover art, and included on the enclosed CD with remixes by American musician/producer, Danger Mouse.

Music tracks were given titles such as “Why Am I Famous?”, “What Have I Done?” and “What Am I For?”.
A rumor circulated that someone at Paris’s music label was so horrified at how awful the album was that the album was leaked to Danger Mouse, who then brought it to Banksy to formulate the “prank”.

A few people were hired to reverse shoplift the CD into the biggest music stores in London at the time. Several copies of the CD were purchased by the public before stores were able to identify and remove them, some going on to be sold for as much as £750 on online auction websites and upwards of £8,000 today.