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Santa’s Ghetto, 2002-2007


Santa’s Ghetto 

December 2002 – 2007


Santa’s Ghetto was a “squat art concept store” set up at Christmas each year from 2002-07 in different locations around London (save for 2007, when he took the show to Bethlehem). It was a group exhibit featuring all the artists represented by Pictures on Walls. This is where Banksy released some of his most iconic prints, editions, and originals.
“The Ghetto is a squat art concept store that opens for the month of December.
It features some of the world’s finest underground artists and attempts to bring an even greater sense of disillusionment to the whole West End shopping experience.
It exhibits work that has never been seen before, sells a range of affordable art, and produces some rather dubious novelty merchandise”


The very first Santa’s Ghetto took place in December 2002 at The Dragons Bar in Shoreditch.



Santa’s Ghetto 2003 opened on 2 December 2003 in an abandoned store just off Carnaby Street in London. It featured work by Banksy, Jamie Hewlett, Mode 2 and 3D, among others.
Pictures on Walls described the event as a “festive extravaganza of cheap art and related novelty goods from lowbrow artists and trained vandals.”
The launch party attracted Damon Albarn and Alex James of Blur, as well as star chef Jamie Oliver.

Banksy Originals Exhibited

Banksy released numerous editions on canvas at Santa’s Ghetto in December 2003, including Gangsta Rat, Love Is In the Air, Kids on Guns, Lenin on Roller Skates, Petrol Bomb, Winnie the Pooh, and Mosquito


The third edition of Santa’s Ghetto was held at Charing Cross Road in December 2004. Two modified oils were unveiled for the first time, as well as Banksy’s “counterfeited” ten pound notes with Lady Di created earlier that year.



2005’s Santa’s Ghetto was held at Berwick Street in Soho.
Works from Eine, 3D, Solo One, David Shrigley, Jamie Hewlett, Sickboy, Space Invader, Mode 2, Paul Insect, D*Face, Polly Morgan and Banksy were on display and available for sale.
Banksy released a few iconic visuals, including Jack and Jill, Kate Moss, and Grin Reaper.



Santa’s Ghetto 2006 was held on Oxford Street, in London.
Works by Mark Jenkins, Ericailcane (eric the dog), Emma Heron, Peter Kennard and Kat, Ben Turnbull, Antony Micallef, Tom Ormond, Banksy, Simon Munnery, Tittifreak, Eine, David Shrigley, Jamie Hewlett, Pete Fowler, Kelsey Brooks, Tinsel Edwards and Space Invader were on display and available for sale.


For the 2007 and final edition of Santa’s Ghetto, Banksy and his team went back to Bethlehem on the West Bank where he painted four stencils. The most iconic being the “Armored dove.”