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Yellow Line Flower Painter, 2007


Yellow Line Flower Painter


Yellow Line Flower Painter

Year: 2007
Location: Pollard street, Benthal Green, London, England
Yellow Lines Flower Painter, created in 2007, is located in Benthal Green. This street art piece, painted on the side of a working man’s club at the corner of Pollard Row and Pollard Street, shows a painter in overalls whose job is to paint yellow lines on the pavement, taking a break after painting double yellow lines that turn into a large yellow flower on a wall.
Not long after, authorities removed the double yellow lines running across the pavement, but left the painter and the flower on the wall as they were painted on private property.
Over the years, Banksy‘s Yellow Lines Flower Painter has been heavily damaged, stenciled and tagged over, with painter being barely visible today due to smashed perspex and part of the wall removed. But the Flower still stands tall.